Yao Ming in the first Yao shark game out of a very beautiful report card

After three minutes, everyone found that they had made a terrible mistake. It was too strong. In the first three minutes of the game, O’Neill, a Laker player, made only three shots.

However, all of them were blocked by Yao Ming. Yao Ming was even better and caught a cold in the whole game. All of them were given to O’Neill. We should know that no player in the league can achieve two caps for one game in the league.

Although O’Neal scored 31 points and 13 rebounds in the whole game, Yao Ming helped the Rockets win by dunking in overtime, taking 10 rebounds, 6 blocks and 3 assists.

Yao Ming produced a very beautiful report card in the first Yao shark match, so that everyone had to look at the Chinese giant again. After the game, O’Neill expressed his sincere praise for the No.1 talent show.

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