Although he didn’t make the MVP in the finals

You will be cut into pieces by it. Curry’s performance has brought him and his team a lot of fans. He is a pitcher, but not just a pitcher. Curie has chosen to create a new era as an athlete.

It depends on the situation, any angle, any reasonable distance to put the ball into the basket, there is no such in the history of NBA. An Indian athlete’s template, he once won the 2015 finals, although she did not become the finals MVP.

These don’t know why the warriors can win the championship. Curry’s story tells us that when you do something, you don’t need to ask yourself to be omnipotent. You can still become the leader of a championship level team, but he lost in the finals of last season. Some people say that this is the strength is not good.

Some people say that this is about the league’s dark screen, some say that this is because of Kelly Owen’s extraordinary play, some people say that curry is injured and in poor physical condition, but in a word, he lost the championship and always let you learn something.

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