Parker didn’t seem to have nothing to do with his defense

In 2001, Parker Kota received the news from Buford and came to the Spurs’ summer training camp. In this way, Pak Popovich, who Popovich had seen, asked Parker to fight with scouts, Lance Blanc, who was also a retired NBA player.

Shrugging his shoulders, Parker didn’t seem to have nothing to do with his defense. Popovich, looking at the end of the matter in 10 minutes, felt that Parker was soft, but it was just a tempting but another one.

It’s just another skinny guy. He plans to send Parker back to Europe. It’s not clear to Popovich. Parker, who just flew from France, is tired and out of shape. Fortunately, he doesn’t give up. He also takes his eyes and believes in him.

Step by step, Sam Perez, who was an intern at the Spurs management, cut out a park film to show Parker’s best side. This cut-out pres left the Spurs many years later to become Oklahoma and the Oklahoma thunder team’s general manager, which was rejected by lippovich.

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