The experienced spurs can’t miss this loophole

For Grizzlies, who are not very good at chasing points, this is a big game. When both feet break out at the same time, grizzlies really can’t resist. In the follow-up notes, the flank that will run is even more demanded by Leonard.

It can be said that it is unfair for Carter, who is nearly 40 years old, to face Leonard at the MVP candidate level. However, what can be done? The experienced spurs can’t let go of this loophole. They should be careful to fight with the card demon monkey and downstairs.

When we have decided to meet in this round of series, we will know that it will be a series full of laughter and muscle collision. Although the Grizzlies have clearly put forward the idea this season, the Spurs’ top card has officially become Leonard, the third place, but none of this can affect the direct competition between the two teams.

The penalty scale has indeed affected the happiness of the second game. Leonard’s 19 point weight reflected Randolph, while Randolph made 18 shots but failed to stand on the free throw line. Paster was directly annoyed at that time.

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