There are many famous point guards in NBA

There are many famous point guards in the NBA. The captain in that place has been pulled to add toughness and competitive consciousness. Li La, who grew up here, has different feelings for this city than others. Growing up there, he grows up with other places.

Different basketball is our way out. Therefore, many point guards from Auckland are so successful. Here, almost every street is recited, conveying the great achievements of those legendary guards. The historical legendary guards Gary Payton and Jason are the legendary guards.

Both of them were born to be MVP winners for two consecutive times. Steve Nash finished his college course here. Lillard was an iron fan and a hard core fan at that time. He grew up listening to the stories of his predecessors. He was the son of the wind who moved him most. Nashillard once said when asked if he had any special point guard or role model in his heart.

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