James completed the first time in his playoff career

James has completed his first and eleventh playoff career, sweeping past Tim Duncan to become the best of seven game series. In the best of seven series, James has swept the most players. In addition, he has surpassed Karim Abu apdujabbar’s notes in terms of total scores.

Once upon a time, Michael Jordan showed the charm of basketball and the height that a top player could reach. His 72-10 record in the regular season and 5987 points in the playoffs were regarded as two insurmountable mountains.

Stephen curry and his Golden State Warriors won 73-9 last season, and then James destroyed the team with the best record in history. Then, James began to catch up with Jordan’s total score in the playoffs. He is the only player in active service who has a chance to score 6000 points in the playoffs. At present, he is only 200 points away from Jordan In the playoffs, I scored the second most.

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