It’s not likely to go to the Lakers

But if it’s not, you’ll go back to the warriors when you meet the number three. It won’t be so bad next year because Russell has passed after all, and he didn’t join the World War II buyer and Mike Beasley, so it’s impossible to say that the year will be the third in the League. So there are more mobile phone numbers and Venice itself 。

This, um, the salary inside is a little higher. It’s strange that the letter brother doesn’t think about Beijing, but when he can sign it, he doesn’t have such a strong plate. So, I think it’s quite matched. Some people asked me if the salary will be higher after the letters are all over. In the past, it should not be more than that. For example, this summer’s exchange did not get the total amount this year champion.

Well, today’s education and education or the medium-term education company will not surpass it. But if it goes again, it will surpass it. At that time, he will have to find ways, such as putting green on it or something. After all, I’m sure I’m better than green in playing alphabet song. So I’ll find another way later, but there won’t be any problems in the transaction. This is what I’m doing to him Because I discussed it with you yesterday.

At that time, I still thought that this character was not very likely to go to the Lakers, because if you made it to the finals this year, you would have lost the chance to go to the Lakers. But if you said that the Lakers would not make it to the finals, we didn’t like to ignore them. You don’t think you know that we want the living people to take over the role. So this is a comparison The paradox is that the Lakers have accumulated virtue.

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