Which is equal to 29 points per game

Well, although this method of play is still a bit cheap, because the direct basket and three-point ball, the high three-point shooting rate has increased the overall shooting rate.

There is no such thing as the midshot, the ground shooting rate. So, curry’s shooting rate is high, but it is also the overall shooting rate, which is equal to 29 points per game. It’s terrible. If you want to get the MVP, the league’s third record and the second record in the west, you can have no problem. MVP is curry’s, but it hasn’t been listed on the list recently. When you get to 80% of the hit rate, you can get to 80% of the appearance.

The number of times, 70% of the number of appearances, er, the number of appearances on the 78567 floor are sweet and sour. Let’s take a look at the top of the MVP list, and the position where curry can be ranked. But the fact that curry is strong and difficult is also a fact. Now I just don’t mention it. Multimedia, fans, a lot of people focus on James Durant and Leonard. Now, there are very few people talking about viscosity library. Instead, they talk about viscosity card.

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