The rookie season

The rookie season, playing 75 points, alas, I started to follow him. The choice is to choose one. Well, like white horse, well, I choose these ones. Right, I see what I think I can guarantee. It’s a bit of a waste of time. Indeed, how many stars can be selected by you.

How many stars, can you, ah, reach a superstar, I always say that James fans ah, if you look at him from the start of his rookie season, or, uh, you are really lucky and lucky to have a chance for him. It’s like choosing Kobe. Choose James, you choose right, including Curie. Well, I believe that there are not many fans who have always been concerned with him in the rookie season. Don’t say you are concerned about him. I don’t believe him. I will never believe you tell me you are.

You are playing big bull. When Curie just entered this, what was the warriors’ team, performance, and what was Curie’s performance? Curie was injured. Right, thanks. Ting said you went to me for most of the season. I was a loyal ball fan of Curie.