But the quality of these players and stars is quite good

As well as the Celtic big three, ah, and then the heat big three, ah, maverick Nowitzki Kidd and so on, including the warriors, the big four and the big five, let’s see how many of these teams have won the championship. No, it’s a team.

It’s a team. Some friends said that in 2004, the pistons told us to take a look at the piston team. We are sure that the piston team is a team. There’s no doubt about that. But the quality of these players and stars is quite good. It’s just that the level among them is more average, not that their ability is mediocre in the league. They are all excellent candidates. Take a look, big heart Billups, right?

Hamilton. Hamilton has also participated in the three-point competition. Well, Hamilton. Throw, over three points, plus, er, the roar of the double towers in the inner line, Rashid Wallace, these are one of the famous top four, right? In addition, Wallace’s best defensive player can be defeated with strength to resist O’Neill’s power.

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