The top five and top six position in the history

You, why bother? What’s the point? In the history of our discussion on scoring ability, it’s only Jordan. Is it reasonable for other people to stand back? In the future, if James is scoring and Wang is discussing scoring ability, then James and Jordan will stand back for other people, and other people will stand aside.

Do you understand this, Jabbar can, ah, the top five list of the fund history, or the top five and top six position in the history, the very important point is that he has the title of scoring king in history, which is a great thing. A lot of fans, ah, disdain this thing. In fact, it’s a very stupid performance. For more than 20 years, for example, what’s the concept of averaging 25 points a day?

This is that it’s easy to win three computer champions and four computer champions. Do you know? I just ask you whether it’s easy to win 1.3 champions or not. Average, 25 points, 20 years as a day is easier, more difficult, which is more difficult, but if you have a little brain, you know that well, because history scoring king is unique, because history.

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