Basketball became Byrd’s only hobby

Basketball has become Byrd’s only hobby. He can bear hardships very much. He practices all day and night. Byrd’s playing skills are getting better and better. He has gradually made some fame. Such a seed is in the young Bo’s heart.

Deep buried down, he was thinking that I want to play as well as possible, to irrigate this seed is to win the tough character and the determination to fearless difficulties. After graduating from high school, Byrd joined Indiana University with his superb ball skills.

But bird dropped out of school in less than a month. His personality was too introverted. He didn’t want to talk to people. The noisy school made her feel indifferent. For a while, there was a bolt from the blue that hit bird. His father directly committed suicide because he couldn’t stand the hardships of life. At this time, bird seemed to be shaking straw in the wind and rain, which was possible at any time Completely defeated.

But fortunately, the seed buried in his heart was rooted deep enough to live without depression. Instead, he was sitting up. He decided to return to university and determined to let the seed grow into a towering tree. During his three years at Indiana State University, Byrd averaged 30.3 points, 13.3 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 2.6 steals per game, with a total record of 81-13.

In 1978, he signed Byrd in the sixth place with the sixth place. In 1979, Byrd officially entered the NBA. At the age of 3, he began his half career.

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It’s amazing with a height of 2.01 meters

Stretch out his left arm. In this way, his position doesn’t need to be adjusted. In fact, he jumped a little earlier. When Murray’s ball hit him, he began to fall. However, most of them had amazing arm span. With the height of 2.01 meters, the arm span was more than 2.2 cm. Moreover, Liang Nader has the longest length in the world.

According to the measurement, his hand is 9.75 inches long, 24.77 cm wide, and 11.25 inches wide, which is 28.50 cm. His nickname is whether it can be called “looking for the king” or “God’s claw” when translated into Chinese. Therefore, although Liang’s body has begun to descend.

But we have long enough arms, big enough palms and long enough middle fingers to make the fingers grow longer. For ordinary people, Murray’s ball doesn’t directly dislocate the joint, but Leonard doesn’t have George saying that it’s a super long purpose.

It seems that Murray has been growing. But if we look at the whole process of Murray’s attack, we will not only marvel at the large amount of breeding, but also admire the experience of the Clippers team in defense. The game has reached the last two minutes. Let’s go. Sooner or later, six offenders will be sent out. Harrell plays No. 5 center, so the clippers have a lot of them.

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Davis has absolute dominance in position five

Ask McKee to completely dominate the basketball, the second or shield tank, the surprise effect, seven minutes on the court to help the Lakers win, nine points, the third point is house’s absence from the inside line, they are in short rotation, and the fourth point is the Rockets’ first three quarters are out of their wits.

The Lakers abandoned Howard in the third game. In the fourth, I hope McKee will take Davis as the starting center, which shows that they have found the key to crack the rocket novel. That is, Davis has an absolute dominant position in position 5, and James has no opponent in position 3.

Morris didn’t hurt at all. When he started the game, the change of pants and horses was enough. Because Rondo broke out in the third game, James’s pressure to organize the attack was greatly reduced. In this way, all the plans of the semi-finals of the Lakers were adjusted in place. Everyone knew their roles, tasks and time, and they played smoothly from the beginning.

Show, a strong inside line advantage, the first three quarters, rebounds, comparison, that is 12 to 65.7 and, 15.6, the whole field is 52 to 26, twice as much as the Rockets, this person is the most in this round of series, if the Rockets did not wake up in the last half to play a wave of climax, the final rebound comparison can be.

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He’s the brain of the Nuggets

Howard played in the playoffs, a total of 20 people, a total of 102 games. Yokic played a total of four people. Although each round played seven games, but the total was only 28 Games. So, ah, jockey was teased into an early demonstration by Howard. In the first three quarters, oh, no wonder, because the second round was played ahead of time, how did the Lakers solve it.

The more aroused, it seems to have been premeditated for a long time. Vogel’s strategy is to make full use of the three centers, reserve to start with McCarthy, Davis small lineup and Howard to disrupt the rhythm of menstrual period completely. He is a gold digger, and one of the most important things in his brain is to make trouble with the Nuggets.

Do you want to play the Celtic? Dragon Island Gen Mulei complained that they had too many fouls. In the first quarter, both sides were fined eight times. In the second quarter, the Lakers fined 24 times, and the Nuggets were still eight times. Then the referee could not be too much. But a Nuggets reporter tweeted that he said that we played too bad and even had the qualification to complain.

We can see how the five fouls came about. The first time came from 5:30 in the first quarter. The instrument was all set. Davis broke through the foul. His foul was very obvious. The second time was 7:51 in the second quarter, which was about the cover fouls. This cover was because he knocked down carluso.

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The joint defense of the heat is changeable

In the big score of 3-1, the first five, that is, before the fifth war, was easy to take the lead, which made the heat lack of tension in the second half. Once the green army’s crazy counter attack core guard Dragic couldn’t control his mood. In the last two quarters, he fouled five times, or technical fouls, and there were still four and a half minutes left in the game.

At the end of the game, Jimmy Butler, who has always been good at playing the key ball, suddenly disappeared in the second half with only three points. At present, does Jingde and the heat always play in the finals? It seems that they haven’t. There are fans at the back of yesterday’s new article.

The Celtic team still has a play. No, I think he can still stick to one or two big games. They play under the control of joint defense, which is the basic form before the fifth World War. The heat, the joint defense, and so on. They cover up several white players such as Duncan Robinson, Dragic and Ronald with the overall tactics.

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The best three pointer

In this state, igudara can’t help the team in the eighth stage of the hand, while the Lakers control the initiative from the beginning to the end. Davis, James and cardo have 65 points, and Rondo assists up to 10 times, and he has become the most accurate three-point ball in the team. There is no one in the array, and his individual defense ability is limited.

The united defense and even that, almost all of the game, joint defense, but in front of the Lakers, ah, is very different from the Celtics. You always think that their formation is rigid, and there is no other. Dongjie is a magic, because the Lakers have James Rondo and Davis three key players who can pass the ball.

This, three, ah, there were 20 assists in the second game, and the three-point goal of the Lakers was finally inaccurate. However, it was only Denny gringenka’s. I want to revenge. I don’t allow two people to add up to three in 19. But you are looking at the bench. Rondo, Morris pants, plus Caruso is nine times nine, as long as Davis net.

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Rocket ready to fire!

The Rockets still like it, there’s no way. You see, the game is the inside line defense is completely not ah, it is by the opponent’s inside line. I think it’s a little bit of a problem to defend a single soldier. I think it’s OK. Everyone should keep his eyes on him. If he is always hit by others, he should slow down. His IQ is not enough. Ah, his intelligence is not enough. His awareness of complement and defense is very poor. Ah, this is the first thing. But there is no way you can ask him to teach him.

Er, this parade is not a good one. It’s impossible for this player to have so many millions of dollars. It’s a bit difficult to teach her to make tens of millions of dollars. It’s a little bit tasteful. Today, okafu reported 27 points, 12 classes and 27 days. In the first quarter, I played eight points and eight points in the evaluation field, 27 points and 12 points in the game. Ben, ah, okafu, this player, ah, well, we can say that it’s not very strong, but it’s also a bit of a level. It’s also a traditional interior player, and today’s shooting rate is high. One, 15 kinds, 11. I remember that food is more important than 70% of the food, and the hit rate is more than 70%. You say that those things have destroyed the rocket’s interior line. You say kabela, it’s not important, it’s too important, it’s too important. No one can replace it. Ah, of course, we’ve said in these games, rockets, pelicans still play like this.

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the lone ranger Mavericks

He can’t dance. He doesn’t have it. He can’t change you. It’s 77881. How can Anthony Davis be? Anthony Davis, though not a super giant.

But it’s also one of the superstars who have been able to get a hand in the past ten years. This player will have to wait for many years to come. But if you want to, it is a miracle if you want to cover the White Wolf empty handed. Write down the soldier crab and change the iPhone Davis is in the daytime. Abdominal ah, um, so ah, you are the main body of the transaction with the lone ranger Mavericks. If it is true, it is basically eliminated, so, um, because of what we said because of our poor opinion, Celtic. Feijie was excluded. I didn’t want to mention it in the previous program. Of course, some netizens have different opinions with this, er. You should just think that the Celtics, my raptors, and reindeer are still here. There is hope in the building, so you think I can’t help it. Well, anyway, I personally think that the Lakers are bound to win. The chips of the team are terrible.

Well, we won’t talk about it next time, ah, and then focus on the analysis.

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Hadden is also level 20

The technical type, the interior line is all these 18 kinds of martial arts. No matter you limit it to every point, you can only do it. You limit one or two of the packages. This is the advantage of this advantageous location, but he is really too. There are too many offensive weapons. Ah, so, er, we should take care of this one and lose the other. Ah, it’s very difficult to contain the more professors gathered together. It’s very difficult in itself. It’s reasonable to lose this game. Ah, it’s reasonable to lose.

The aliens picked up the little brother, and the shots were very accurate. I think these fights are also very good. Ah, the Hadden is also level 20, the hair distributor is also in the 20s, defending the 20 families, and the three 27s are still working, but there is no way. Those are completely exploded. It’s a pity that Mr. Li is short of three pairs. It’s a pity that some netizens have just left a message below, saying, well, I’ve seen all my messages. That is, we’ll take out some things to reply. Some netizens said, er, teacher Yue has grown up, has he got up, and what’s wrong with enbid. Well, that’s what we understand. When you grow up, you can certainly become the first center, right? The premise is that you can grow up. First, the technical whereabouts are unknown. If we say that after the technical action, we say Yao Ming is not one. A very technical center

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Pass through the general manager

I’ll tell you, all of them want young players, ah, these young players have one goal, young players plus the draft right, all of these are the same goal. In order to cultivate and produce Anthony Davis, ah, it’s so simple. Brandy must be rotten and with his own money to cultivate a, er, Anthony Davies, waiting for an Anthony Davis is not as difficult as waiting for a James, but it is also very difficult.

Well, for a team, 30 teams, it will take 30 years if they want to win the champion every year. If you are not lucky, it will take 15 years. So I think that even if the Lakers give four first round signings, I don’t think they can stay too much. One or two young players do the same. In this way of negotiation, talk about the four first round signings. It’s useless for the future Laker team. The record of the Laker team will not arrive. The Lotto, ah, the position of 123 in the West. What’s the use of this kind of slight? Don’t think it’s of any use. Pass through the general manager. Well, the team and the team cultivate some young players. Ah, it’s very convenient to change money. Ah, just give him time to be with the excellent players in these excellent teams

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